Scientist tests husband's underwear - result, he's cheating

Cheating DNA from underwear pictured above

Ann Chamberlain-Gordon,a state forensic scientist in Lansing, MI, tested her husband's underwear for DNA to determine whether or not he was cheating on her. During a divorce hearing, Gordon testified that after running the tests she found the DNA of another female. What in the world was this guy doing with his underwear?

The angered soon to be ex-wife now faces trouble at work for possibly violating state equipment. I feel sorry for this woman. I don't understand why husband cheat on their wives. I understand the fact they may feel depressed, sad, uninterested, etc in their marriage but that does not justify committing the ultimate act of betrayal. The only act that even God permits as a permissible reason for divorce. Let me say that I am NOT an authority on the subject because I haven't ever cheated (or felt the desire to) on my wife. What I take issue to, is the refusal of these Men Impostors to confront their feelings and tell it like it is.

Guys, married or not, if you are at the point in a relationship that you cannot remain loyal, at least maintain some integrity and talk to her about what you're thinking or feeling. You'll feel better about yourself later. If you have a girlfriend, let her go. If you have a wife, get your head out of your ass and see a counselor. This little news story is just proof that you can never doubt the resourcefulness of a suspicious woman.

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