A nod to another blog: Clusty Cloud Creator

Ok, so this site doesn't qualify as a blog but  I think its awesome to play around with and an extremely useful tool for bloggers. The Clusty Cloud Creator is an online tag generator like no other I have seen on the Internet.

Most tag generators allow users to key in a string of words that are related to the topic being written. The end result is some html code that you can probably customize and place at the footer of your blog post. Not bad if you are a human thesaurus or can easily look up recently/  frequently used related tags for your topic. Imagine how simple life would be if you could enter one category word that best sums up your post or site and let the Clusty Cloud Creator generate the rest. Well, imagine no more.

Let's say I want to make a  tag cloud for search words associated with my recent post about gays and marriage. I'll simply submit the word "homosexual" and here would be the result:

or the word "marriage,"

For any of you fellow bloggers reading, this site is definitely going to be a great help with tagging posts, helping engage a reader's interest and optimize your site's search engine results. Very cool. Thanks, Clusty!


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