Paris HIlton going to jail

The news that Paris Hilton will be spending 45 days in jail for violating the terms of her probation (charges stemming from drunk driving, driving on a suspended liscence, etc) was released late on Friday. This means that the entertainment magazines and the t.v. shows like them have not unleashed their usual massive over-coverage.

People Magazine's website has issued a story that reveals the emotion and anger of both Paris' parents. The anger is not directed at the dangerous behavior of their daughter and its possibly lethal consequences however, it is hostly pointed toward the prosecutor and judge.

A red in the face Kathy Hilton told the prosecutor that he is "pathetic" and that the judge, "made up his mind before he even came in today. If it were anyone else, this would've never had happened."

Really Kathy? I think it could easily be argued that had your daughter not driven a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol (an action that not only puts her own life in risk, but everyone around her) her license would never have been suspended and she would not have been caught several times violation her probation, therefor never ending up in court and facing jail time. No Kathy, you're right. It's the judge's fault.

I would like to know why Paris' folks haven't made any public outcry when first learning of their daughter's disgusting behavior (not the sex tapes, the drunk driving.) I think this is a rare insight as to how these two parents reared their children. It is so important as parents to allow your children to suffer consequences. Without them, a child will never learn how to foresee possible outcomes of the decisions they make in life.

Paris will be forced to handle this situation one of two ways. She can either choose to learn from it and allow her character to deepen or she can choose to feel victimized and deny responsibility for her actions. The path she chooses will be a direct reflection of how well her parents prepared her for a life experience such as this.

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