Bush unveils plan to plan for a climate strategy

President Bush announced today that he has a plan to counteract Global Warming (although he still calls it Climate Change (and I still call it a resource black hole)). Bush plans to meet with countries that emit the most greenhouse gases, set a common goal, and then have the nations individually develop their own strategies to meet that goal. In other words, Bush is planning to plan on a strategy.

Wouldn't the goal just be to emit less greenhouse gases? Maybe I'm over simplifying things, but I think this less of our nation's resources would be wasted if we skipped the meeting and just went right in to implementing a strategy. Of course, ultimately the strategy will rely on the entire nation changing the way it currently lives (i.e. consuming, traveling, cooling your house, etc.) and I doubt most of us are ready to face that reality.

Why is it that both Democrat and Republican parties will spend so much of our money and time on discussing what this climate change is or isn't? Can't we just all agree that we should be good stewards of this planet because it is basically a non-renewable resource?

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