Senate approves War spending with withdrawal

Both houses of Congress have given approval to a new War Spending Bill that includes a set troop withdrawal from Iraq. The proposed date is March of 2008. At this point, I am totally confused. Whether you are for or against the War or critical of the reasons we went to Iraq, there is a chain of logic in this decision that I think needs to be addressed.

By publically announcing our plan to leave Iraq on a specific date, we are letting our enemy know how much longer they have to put up us. The insurgents can either tough it out or withdraw until we leave and then go back to business. Either way, we are acknowledging that we accept the situation the way it is and that we are okay with leaving it that way. Therefore, why wait until March 2008 to leave. Leave now.

My other contingent point is that we're approving to spend billions of dollars toward this war that we have also just decided to leave. If both houses of Senate are able to agree that leaving Iraq by next year is the best thing to do (because its costing too much money, lives, etc) why in the world are they agreeing to shovel more money into that fire pit? Isn't that the same as saying, "I know this war is lost. I'm planning on leaving next year, but here's a multi-billion dollar allowance to spend there in the meantime."

This whole thing reminds me of when Moses told the Pharaoh that in order to stop the devastating plagues God unleashed unto Egypt, he need only say that the Israelites were free to go. The Pharaoh's baffling response; "tomorrow."

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