Larry not really a cable guy, or called Larry

The anti-republican blog, Librocrats, believes it has blown the cover and exposed the lies one of the top performing comics today - Dan Whitney. Name doesn't sound familiar? That's probably because since the late 1990's or so, Dan Whitney took on the stage presence of Larry, the Cable Guy. Librocrats claims Whitney is "a fake, a fraud, a phony, and impostor," while claiming that the Blue Collar Comedy Tour was somehow one of the "last remaining comedic outlets of Republicanism."

What this blog fails to understand is what most pop-cultured minds and fans of comedy alike do understand - we know Larry the Cable Guy is a bit and we don't care. It's funny. Yakov Smirnoff, Sam Kinison, Emo Phillips, and Andrew "Dice" Clay are all examples of comedians who used some kind shtick on stage and these guys were all household names (maybe not Phillips so much.) My hat is off to Mr. Whitney to his great success in making the world laugh (the American one.)

The Right to Bare Arms
Larry the Cable Guy - Health Inspector
Blue Collar Comedy Tour - One for the Road (Full Screen Edition)

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