Crazy Cat Lady

I just read this story about 56 year-old Maureen McLaughlin from Columbus, Ohio. Turns out that over the past several years, Mclaughlin's had received over 650 pets (cats and dogs) from her neighbors and from rescue shelters but killed them ALL because she couldn't stand the thought of them suffering the animal welfare system.

McLaughlin would place the animals in crates and then lower them into a large trash can filled with water. She would then dump the animals in various locations across town like parks, bushes, etc. When authorites arrived to arrest the cat killer, they found only a note expressing her burial wishes.

I immediately thought to myself, "What's the problem here?" Unwanted pets were terminated and disposed and it didn't cost the tax payers of Ohio a dime. Now they have a woman they are trying to arrest (costs state $$) who also probably killed herself out of fear for going to jail when all she is guilty of is trying to be noble.

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*UPDATE: McLaughlin, 56, apparently had checked herself into a mental-health facility in the Mansfield area.

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